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These are just a few of the many reasons why you should create more awareness around your Airbnb

Improve search ranking
Get found easier by those who are looking for their next rental

Improve listing views
Your listing will be more famous online and thereby gain more traffic

Increase in social media followers
Likes, comments and tagging increases awareness of your listing

Increase credibility and loyalty
Add a note to your listing page stating that you have been "Airbnb of the day".

Increase in inquiries
With more exposure comes an increased interest in your listing

Transparent and low cost
We are very low cost, easy-to-use service

Easy to use
We are an easy, transparent entry into promoting your Airbnb

We know our audience
We know what our followers like, and how they would like it presented

Fast and transparent delivery
You are basically in charge on how fast you would want our delivery

* Even though we would love to guarantee you results we can't do that.

How bnboftheday works

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We have three different packages to choose from. Simply choose the one that fits your needs.

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After payment you will receive an e-mail requesting the link to your Airbnb and optionally your Instagram.

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We will post and promote your listing to more than 50,000 dedicated travelers and experienced Airbnb users on Instagram

Don't miss any potential customers


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